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Espiritu Santo

The island of Espíritu Santo is the closest island to the bay of La Paz and possesses the most stunning views of all the islands in the Sea of Cortés. Its contrasting desert landscapes and reddish limestone cliffs juxtaposed with a turquoise blue sea is a breathtaking example of the exquisite vistas found here. Travelers from all over the world visit Espíritu Santo’s coves and canyons to camp, snorkel, scuba dive or simply relax on its many beautiful beaches. The following is a brief description of its most famous coves and beaches:
1. Punta Lupona
This beach can actually be seen from Tecolote. This most southerly point on the island makes a good final camp spot before returning home.
2. Playa Dispensa
A well-protected area and one of the few beaches on the island that faces north. It is the last camp spot when the wind is really howling.
3. Playa San Gabriel
This is an interesting area to explore with its remnants from the pearling days at the turn-of-the-century. The north end has a small area suitable for camping away from the mangroves.
4. Ensenada de Pescadores
A quiet beach with few visitors except for the fishermen that inhabit a small dwelling set away from the beach with its own sheltered slipway.
5. Playa Ballena
Playa Ballena is a paradise beach lacking only palm trees. It is several hundred meters long and is located directly opposite Isla Ballena. The north end has a wide plateau ideal for camping and a huge creek inviting exploration.
6. Candelero
Considered by many the most attractive bay on the island, it has a stunning beach with a spectacular ridge splitting the bay in half with several detached islets and a larger island in the middle of the bay. Further attractions include an interesting 10-minute hike up the northern arroyo.
7. Mesteño
Mesteño is another super beach. It is deceptively large because it is not until you arrive that you appreciate how deep the beach is. A steep climb on the northern side (should only be attempted by sure-footed goats) will lead you to some large caves that produce excellent acoustics.
8. Playa Partida
There are actually two sand spits in this “gap” between the two islands. On the northeastern spit, up against the rocks, there is a marvelous spot to make camp. The huge crater walls that surround this area and the vast expanse of shallow water provide a spectacular view. One can easily imagine how Partida and Espíritu Santo were one landmass before the volcanic crater was breached by the sea. It is possible to negotiate the channel in vessels that do not draw more than one foot of water, however your campsite can be subject to severe winds in this area.