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A Message From The Governor:
Welcome to the magical beauty of Baja California Sur, the "Land of Legends and Adventure". Though only a small piece of the Mexican territory, Baja Sur provides wonder and amusement for everyone, its brilliant sunsets casting warm light into the pure sky using an incredible pallette of colors. Baja California Sur is one of the rare places in the world where the desert literally collides with the sea: a rocky spine full of mysteries with modern tourist facilities designed to accommodate anyone wishing to live an adventure in safety and comfort.
Baja Sur's unspoiled coastline offers access to an abundant aquatic ecosystem containing an extraordinary variety of marine fauna, over 800
species in all. Powerful tides mix with a rich nutrient supply to support a bountiful food chain, making the southern Sea of Cortez a sportfishing, diving and kayaking paradise.
In the winter, three primary warm-water lagoons on the Pacific provide a sanctuary for the gray whales to mate and raise their calves before heading north on their arduous journey to the frigid waters of the Bering Sea. This annual reproduction ritual has become a global tourist attraction and has come to symbolize our dedication to preserve and protect these great creatures for future generations.
The landscape of Baja Sur is sharply contrasted. Within the Biosphere Reserves such as "Vizcaino", a unique eco-system resides among the harsh and varied desert topography. Strange valleys of primitive cirios, cardon cactus and elephant trees provide shelter for migratory birds. Here Desert Bighorn, foxes, coyotes and numerous other mammals flourish.
Strewn along the peninsula, you will find examples of ancient cave painting art thousands of years old and the remains of California's first missions, some perfectly restored to testify to our historical heritage and genuine cultural pride. Baja California Sur is the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience a different vacation, one full of adventure and feelings of plenty.
Welcome. We are very proud of having you here.
Lic. Leonel E. Cota Montaño
Governor of Baja California Sur